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The Fool

The Fool

The Fool is associated with the beginning of a new chapter, naivety and reckless behavior; this archetype also embodies innocence and curiosity.

The Fool wears a tunic and holds a wallet usually slung on a wand across their shoulder, signifying wealth in accumulated knowledge previous experience.

A small dog keeps him company and warns him of possible dangers. The dog motivates the hero to keep going and persevere on his journey to the end.

The Fool does not care about his potential destiny but begins his journey with vigor and enthusiasm.


The Quarter

The Quarter is a section of the city, set up and sometimes governed independently. People who live there are defined by their surroundings. The Thieves Quarter or the Warehouse Quarter for example. Each with the presence of distinct social beliefs or purpose.


A Place of Door Games

Back when the BBS was king, each town or local calling area was it's own little distinct community, or Quarter. The BBS really had four purposes, Files, Message Bases, Chatting and Door Games. I immediately fell in love with the games, it became the reason I set up my BBS. I would call outside my area code to try to discover unique games not found in our community to put on my BBS.

With the return of the BBS's it was nice to see some door game authors had released the games for free at the end of the first era, and others still are. As the BBS's are coming back alive, I'm hoping more authors come forward and either sell key codes or release them for free. What's more, it is great to see new games are still be written.

Some Info:

Solar Realms Elite
How to bypass the Y2K bug and get Solar Realms Elite to run on your BBS.

Yankee Traders
A guide to help fix the intermittent instability of this game when run under a modern BBS software under Windows.

How to set up and use Gamesrv by Rick Parrish of R&M Software to work as you game server.

Synchronet BBS List

Telnet BBS Guide

SyncTERM Home Page

Android App to Telnet into BBS's. I find the ANSI graphics are not perfect, but I like the keyboard.

Esterian Conquest 1.50
Download Esterian Conquest with key generator.

Telnet to The Fool's Quarter