Door Games with Active Registrations Available

Believe it or not, there are still people out there supporting and providing registration keys. Some are pay, some are free. It's nice to see the support is still out there.

I would love to add more games to this list. If you know of someone still offering keys please email be, link is above, and I'll add them to the list.

The Pit

The Pit 4.17 - This patch/mod for The Pit 4.17 is a Tribute to James R. Berry, the creator of The Pit. The Pit - BBS door game by Midas Touch Software, James R. Berry James is gone but not forgotten. If you use this patch, kindly spend at least $23 for any good cause, dedicating to all wellbeing (same price as registering the game back in 1995). You can find the game files and the terminal program at: THE PIT.


StickMan 1.11 ANSI Arcade BBS Door Game Cool Arcade Action for your BBS. Users walk, climb, jump & shoot to avoid monsters & grab bonus points. To get this to run under Synchronet I did have to use the Netfoss fossil drivers. Email and request your registration code, don't forget to include your Sysop and BBS names.

M&S Software

Mike Jordan will give you a set of keys for his games. He wrote Booby Trap, Lady Luck, Hot-Dice, Knight's Move, Peg-Jump, Tri-Bingo, Poker Bandit, Jewel Thief, Video Bandit, Flip Flop and Line Up. The instructions can be found on his website. Enjoy.


Legend of the Red Dragon, LORD II - The New World and Planets - The Exploration of Space - Send an email to William Hughes at Gameport ( The Gameport website is pretty outdated, so if you go there it doesn't list modern payment options. Word is William will accept paypal for these registrations though.


ProChess is a Chess door game for BBS environments. ProChess is easy to use and easy to install on your BBS.

Users can play Chess against each other as well as playing Sudden Death against the Sysop (if he's available). On a multiline BBS two users can play an online game and the netmail option enables them to play against users on other systems.

You can also play against the ProChess Chess Computer in nine different levels.

You can find version 2.00 on the website for download but version 2.09 is also available: ProChess

BigWins Lotto

BigWins Lotto is a lottery-style game door which will allow your callers the chance to win SysOp-definable prizes in three seperate games. Online time is awarded for matching every number except one -- called the "NearMatch" prize -- in all games. When a caller is awarded a prize, the caller's name and prize won are logged to a file that you specify.


Darkness v2.0.0 - NEW FOR 2020: Completely recoded and redesigned version of the cyberpunk LORD style BBS door game! See the REGISTER.TXT file for directions on how to register this via email. I hope this is still supported, they have changed the website with no link to this game.

Sunrise Door Collection

Serving the Online BBS community continuously since 1989 with quality service and support and THE largest BBS door product line in the world! Our 16-Bit products work on any BBS software platform capable of running Door programs. We also have a product line of Doors made specifically for the WINServer BBS platform and a HOME-PC line of products that can be played on your home computer (without BBS software). The Sunrise Door Collection is donationware. Donate to the coffee fund and get a set of keys for the entire collection. Great deal!!


TradeWars is the classic space trader game originally released in the late 1980s for Bulletin Board Systems. For 25 years, it has been actively played by a devoted community of gameops and players. It is a seminal game, credited as an early inspiration by many of today’s game developers.

TWGS is a stand-alone server and game management application. It is the simplest and most flexible way to host classic TradeWars on the Internet today.

I do not know if they are giving registration codes for the original door game version. There seems to be an issue with the game server running under Windows10. Windows deletes the active game from time to time, as if it's a virus or something. Rumor has it they are working on a fix for this issue.

John Daley Software

Home of several of the more popular door games, The Arcadian Legends, Barren Realms Elite, Falcon's Eye, Global Backgammon, Global War, Hackin' Crackin', Falcon's Honor and Dungeon Master.

The Darklands

Dark Lands is a multi-player cross-platform text based game. It can run under Linux, DOS, Windows 3.1/95/98/2000/NT, OS/2 and other operating systems. Also, it can be run as a BBS Doors, using Door.sys, and it's own internal authentification. Dark Lands is an open-source project. It's soon to arrive development is an Internet Server that will allow many people to link their Dark Lands game.

Mo's Mud

MultiUser Dungeons by Maurice Boers, email him at He will send you a custom keyfile with your BBS Name for $5. He accepts Paypal.


An on-line game of fantasy role-playing! Email from Elven Software and see about a registration code.


RPG/Adventure doorgame - Contact Mike Snyder at email:, he does charge $10 vial PayPal. You will get two IGM's, player editor and also an extra game called Shift Zone.

Since I orginally posted this. My emails were kicked back with a bad email address Robert Chambers for various games, aesd2569@umoncton.xa for Drakeville, Ambroshia has been the typical no show. Still looking for authors willing to register their games.